PART 3 of 5 - Making Of Emotivate


Right at rock bottom, I had to take an extended period of time off from pretty much everything.  My parents took me in like a lost dog.  They have this really cool old house in a semi rural area that we call the “treehouse”.  It literally has massive trees that support the structure of the house.   Anyways they have a guest house/cottage that they gave me full reign of until I had recovered.

For the first few weeks all I did was eat, sleep, shit and go for bushwalks.

I was a bloody zombie!

One day I found an old keyboard of mine in the attic where had some stuff stored.  I plugged it into my laptop and it still worked Boom!  I loaded up my favourite ambient sound.  This is a soft ambient sound that you will hear in the background of almost every song I have ever written.  Anyways for the next few days I just lay in bed with my headphones on and this sound drowned out the distortion in my mind.  It restored my peace!

Eventually I started making instrumental tracks.  Actually I recorded 3 instrumental EP’s in this period.

I decided to include this track as I think sonically it really captures the PLUDO sound.

It’s very calming and ethereal but still upbeat and motivating.

It soothed and electrified my soul when I was creating it, I hope it has the same effect for you.


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