PART 1 of 5 - Making Of Emotivate

Rather than a typical making of series...this making of is based around the sequence of events that inspired the album.  (From The perspective of Anthony Kupinic - The singer/producer)

I had a head ache for about 3 weeks which I was pretty much ignoring.  It had been gradually getting worse and worse.  I was sitting in subway eating a sandwich my jaw started to lock up my vision started blacking out, I felt like this is it I am going to die right here in the middle of subway.  I was rushed off to emergency, from there I had a CT scan, an MRI and bounced from specialist to specialist.

My head felt like it was on fire, it was like 1000 ants were crawling on my brain. I couldn’t see clearly, I could barely remember anything, I couldn’t construct proper sentences, sometimes people would walk into a room and just find me standing there staring into space.  I  felt like a zombie.  

I got so bad that I could barely function.  I couldn’t concentrate on anything and my short term memory became terrible.  All I wanted to do was sleep but my mind was in so much pain that I couldn’t even do that.

I was so bloody scared too, when it’s your head it’s not like a broken arm you have no idea what is wrong with you.  You can’t see inside your head.

Nobody could figure out what was wrong with me, the tests and scans ruled out any physical damage which was a massive relief!

At the same time I was also thinking what the hell is wrong with me?

“How am I supposed to fight something I can’t see?”    

This first track “KARATE” captures that overwhelming and helpless feeling but also our ability to chose one thought over another and reassure ourselves we can overcome something.

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